FMAA Initiative

F@#cking Magnificent and Amazing

The FMAA Initiative was born on the idea that creative people are taught how to play their chosen instruments, compose songs, and paint pictures but unlike athletes and business leaders they are never taught to over come fear and self doubt. 

I have created a series of training courses that include the skills I developed over 10 years of racing triathlons and coaching endurance athletes. These skill sets became a critical part of my daily structure as I made the decision to fulfill a life long dream and start making music again after being away from it for over 30 years. 

So if you are an artist that is struggling with fear, self doubt, goal setting and accountability. The FMAA Initiative is for you. Please take a look at our coaching options and see what best fits your needs and remember we all have the ability to be F@#king Magnificent and Amazing!